Julia Lowe

Julia Lowe works on strategy and research with global health and social change organizations. Prior to consulting, she spent five years at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where she was a Program Officer and Advisor in the office of Co-Chair, Melinda Gates. Her $85M portfolio of grants focused on platforms and programs that aim to reduce information asymmetries and accelerate behavior change, including self-help groups and innovative models of behavior change communication. Previously, Julia worked at the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Liberia and Jamaica, where she supported the government on health system strengthening initiatives and as part of a University of Washington/Microsoft Research team investigating the impact of low-cost technologies on behavior change. Julia studied Microbiology and International Studies at the University of Washington and attended executive strategy, leadership, and sustainability courses at Cambridge Business School. She was selected as an Emerging Global Leader by the Tallberg Foundation in 2012, which included training and mentoring in design and systems thinking.