The CDC Long COVID & Other Fatiguing Illness Recovery Program is a three-year randomized control trial examining the efficacy of a virtual community of practice model on improving patient specialty care for people experiencing long COVID. The primary outcomes of the study are changes in health outcomes of patients experiencing long COVID and changes in the knowledge, confidence, and capability of providers that participate in the intervention. The study is a Type II Hybrid Implementation – Effectiveness study, which has a co-primary aim to assess the feasibility and acceptablity of the intervention. Under prime partner Family Health Centers of San Diego, Ata Health is a Co-principal Investigator responsible for assessing impacts of provider outcomes and for supporting the assessment of feasibility, acceptability and scalability of the intervention. In this role, Ata Health was responsible for designing all related data constructs and survey questions, providing the format for cateloguing all constructs and sources in the trial, and producing data analysis of approximately 100 indicators, using advanced statistical techniques.