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"Ata" (pronounced a-tah) in Latin means "many".  Ata Health's vision is a world where the many forms of human health flourish, from physical, emotional, social, to spiritual.  "Ata" also means "forefather" in Turkish.  Ata Health recognizes that achieving the many forms of human health involves tackling a multitude of sources, such as through One Health, which respects the connection between human, animal, environmental health, social determininants of health, which recognizes how socioeconomic wellbeing impacts physical health outcomes, and through the mind-body connection. 

Ata Health Strategies was created in 2018 by its Principal, Dr. Alexandra Zuber.  Through a career spanning nearly two decades, Dr. Zuber is recognized as a global expert in health systems strengthening and health workforce development, and has served in key leadership positions throughout the federal government, where she repeatedly designed, piloted, and scaled innovative public health programs that resulted in significant impacts in the U.S. and around the world.  Dr. Zuber has lived and worked in over 20 countries, and holds a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University - Kennedy School of Government and a Doctorate of Public Health from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill.

Dr. Zuber leads a team of 13 project-based consultants, who represent experts in health systems strengthening, health workforce development, communities of practice, monitoring and evaluation, capacity development of NGOs, professional regulatory bodies, and public health agencies, transition of organizations to direct USAID funding, business planning, resource mobilization, and qualitative and quantitative research.