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Organizational Capacity Development

We are experienced and trusted leaders in the design and execution of organizational development initiatives, delivering meaningful results that can be measured.

Design and Execution of a Multi-year Capacity Building Program for Transition to Direct USAID Funding 

USAID/ University of California- Davis

Ata Health's Principal leads the organizational sustainability objective under USAID's One Health Workforce Next Generation initiative, a five year, $85 million initiative that aims to build a trans-disciplinary One Health workforce in Africa and SE Asia.  This objective aims to build the organizational capacity and sustainabliity of two regional netowrks, comprised of university networks in 8-10 countries each.  In this role, Ata Health led routine benchmarking of network capacity on the NUPAS and NUPAS PLUS tools to identify and prioritize organizational gaps and coordinated the consortium of partners to provide targeted capacity-builidng that supported measurable improvement to network financial management and internal controls, procurement, operations, and human resources policies and practices, the formulation of new sub-award management capability and policies, project management, partnership development, resource mobilization, and many other areas. The networks successfully progressed to eligiblity to apply for USAID direct awards in the time scheduled.

Business Planning and Financial Sustainability 

USAID/ University of California- Davis 

Under the USAID One Health Workforce Next Generation Initiative, the Ata Health Principal has led support to two regional university networks in Africa and SE Asia to develop business plans, which articulate their unqiue value porposition, their business model, their partnership and revenue generation strategies, and their capacity building plans.  Ata Health led training of each network Secretariat and country staff in resource mobilization and partnership development, introduced resource mobilization strategy tools, coached networks on new partner outreach and conference sponsorship efforts, and created a Resource Mobilization Checklist with the major ingredients for an organization to support effective resource mobilization.  To date, each network has achieved their partnership goals for two consecutive years, and diversified their funding sources from one to three. 

Climate Resilience Workshops for World Bank

Rockefeller Foundation/HR&A

With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ata Health Principal facilitated a World Bank workshop on climate resilience, for for World Bank representatives from multiple sectors.  The agenda promoted the review of foundational concepts in risk and resilience, identified priority shocks and stresses in focus countries, shared experiences in addressing risk and building reeslience between World Bank teams, and supported action planning for an HD-wide program for resilient social services and delivery systems.

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